What this means to get global identity?

We are always trying to provide budget economic services like website development, software development, application development and many more to our customers.

But, before explaining anything, our first questions for you is:
What do you need for your business?
Is it… more profit, more customers, modern up-to-date marketing, more satisfied customers, more business, bigger market share, less cost of running business etc.
We are sure there’s no one who will disagree with these objectives of business. As a business owner, this is what we all want for our businesses.

All this objectives can be reached through your own website. The Internet has changed the way we buy and sell products and services and the way we obtain information… they way we communicate… even the way we are getting entertained. The Internet and the number of people connecting are growing at a phenomenal rate. More and more people are getting on the Internet everyday. Over 5 billion people use the internet daily and over 20 million of them are Indians.

So, it’s very important for us to have own identity reserved space on internet to boost our business more faster.

The benefits of a website

  • Be found: (get new customers)
    Millions of Consumers today search for products and services online before making purchases. Chances are that if someone is looking for a product or service they will search the internet. Being found on the Internet will give you an advantage over your competition when they call you instead of the competition.
  • Be Accessible 24/7: (get more business.)
    You are able to conduct business when it is convenient for your client whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night. You are never actually closed. Your website is the perfect employee, it will not sleep and it will work on weekends, it won’t even ask for a promotion. Prospective clients can visit and look at what you have to offer, at any time it is convenient for them, wherever they happen to be. If you choose an e-commerce website, your customers can shop with you 24 hours.
  • Provide Customer Service: (get More satisfied customers)
    Consumers can become educated about your business and get answers to many of their questions which will help to cut back on the number of phone calls you receive with simple enquiries. Your website can provide further support to existing customers by offering information such as troubleshooting procedures, product specification and parts list, how-to procedures, diagrams and special help lines. By having this help available 24 hours a day you will be able to decrease the number of customer service employees you have on staff.
  • Provide Information: (get more credibility)
    Consumers have more confidence in and prefer doing business with companies that they know something about. Inform visitors about the structure of your company, of your community involvement, the products and services you offer, awards and employment opportunities. In addition to being convenient, another reason people are increasingly turning to the Internet is that marketing is done by providing information, not by persuasion. More and more people prefer to do business and make decisions in this way
  • Save Money: (get more profits)
    A website is very cost efficient when compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. For example, a web site is not constrained by size. You can only say so much in a newspaper ad, or a radio spot. You can supplement that limited information by including your web address in your ads. Then your potential client has almost unlimited information about your company available to them.
  • Sell Online: (get even more profits)
    Why not? Thanks to companies like Inter switch you can receive payments directly into your bank accounts from your website… take orders online and have your customers fill out forms to speed things up.
  • Compete Locally
    Some of Your competitors already have a website what are you going to do? Even if you feel you don’t need a website, can you afford to let your competition gain an edge? There are competitions in every business. This is like going for a business exhibition on the internet. You can not stop competition in any business but at least make your identity so that your potential customers are given a chance of comparing and subsequently buying your products or engaging your services with the help of professional business website.
  • Compete Globally (Bigger market share):
    Having an online presence will enable you to compete with much larger and better companies. The Internet is the closest thing to a level playing field with bigger companies you can find. Websites have no certain place, no country; they are international. If you have a website, then you have something international that overcomes the limits between countries and long distances. A professionally designed website will give your business added credibility and visibility

Get Started TODAY!

The question you should be asking now is not “How much money will a website cost?” but “How much money am I losing without one?”

For those of you that have not created an online presence now is the time to start. It’s not really a choice anymore, but a necessity in today’s marketplace and culture. Start small if you have to, but understand the importance of at least starting.

Secure Sourcing has been helping several businesses succeed online since 2016… we are pioneers in this industry… we have the expertise… we have the experience… we have the technology… and we are here to give you value.

Brochure Website Design

What is a Brochure web site?

A Brochure web site is an interactive, cost effective brochure style web site that will allow you you show off your products and services. With a built in Content Management System you will have full control over the brochure site content including both text and images. This enables you, the user, via your own user interface to control both your text content and the images on your site. When changes are required, you can update the site in-house without any website expertise.

We work with you to design a bespoke site (up to 10 Pages) with up to 25 images throughout the site, then when changes are required you can update your own site via the easy to use interface. The end result is a dynamic, up-to-date, cost effective web solution for your business.

Another main benefit is in the way search engines rank web-sites, the more a site is changed, the better it ranks, because you are in control of updating the site, the more often you make minor changes, the better the ranking of your site. Better ranking means more visitors, and ultimately more customers.

We offer an easy step by step approach to ensure that your new web-site is up and functional within 4-6 weeks.

What are the features of Brochure web site?

The main features are:

  • High quality web site graphic design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • High quality gaphical visitor website statistics
  • Google analytics integration
  • Webmail service
  • Email pop accounts
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Images and photographs for web site supplied
  • Online administration CMS
  • Domain name & hosting for 1 year

Content Management Web Design

What is a CMS Web Site Design?

Our content management web sites offer all of the features and benefits of a Brochure site plus much more. Not only do you have full control over your web-site content, but you have the added functionality of a fully integrated business database module to let you easily showcase your products.

This enables you, the user, via your own user interface to control your text content, the images on your site and be able to manage your own database, adding amending and deleting entries. You can also manage the categories to give a powerful database solution to manage and promote your company whether you are product based, services based or Project driven.

We work with you to design a bespoke web site for you then when changes are required you can update your own site using an easy to use interface, resulting in a more dynamic, up-to-date, cost effective web solution for your business.

We offer an easy step by step approach to ensure that your web-site is up and functional within 6-8 weeks.

Product database features

  • Manage and update your product/service/project lists
  • Full add / amend / delete facility
  • Get your catalogue online
  • Instantly update your prices
  • Full user access and control
  • Full Admin section

Together with all the features from a Brochure website, which are:-

  • Up to 10 updateable static pages
  • Full user access and control
  • Easily updated blocks of text
  • Update and change your web sites images
  • Update your Home Page
  • Update your own contact details
  • Webmail service
  • Email pop accounts
  • Domain name & hosting for 1 year

eCommerce Web Design

What is a Shopping Web Sites?

Around 25% of all retail sales are made online using eCommerce web sites. With hundreds of thousands of new internet users joining the already millions of internet buyers, an e-commerce web site can allow you to tap into the billions of pounds spent every year. High street retailers are concerned at the changing shopping habits of their customers and with good reason as the internet allows small businesses to compete head to head with them.

Based in Lucknow, India we are ideally placed to help you to to launch your product online. We will produe a high quality secure eCommerce solution and can also get you to the top of the search engines including Google.

We offer an easy step by step approach to ensure that your web-site is up and functional within 4-8 weeks.

Ecommerce Web Sites features

  • Manage and update your product lists
  • Full add / amend / delete facility
  • Get your catalogue online
  • Instantly update your prices
  • Full user access and control
  • Full Admin section
  • Secure Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking Processing
  • Full user access and control
  • Easily updated text, prices
  • Update and change your web sites images
  • Update your Home Page content
  • Update your own contact details
  • Your site updated when YOU want it
  • No waiting round for you web-site design company to “get round to it”

Online Application Development

Bespoke Application Development
Write us to discuss your specific requirements.

Write us or call us now to discuss your requirements to get free quotation regarding any of below online application:

  • CRM Application
  • ERP Application
  • Sales Management
  • Hotel Management
  • School Management
  • Hospital Management
  • Outsourcing Management
  • and more…
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